The curriculum of DIPLOMA IN CROPS PRODUCTION is relevant to all types of crop production – grain crops, fibre and oil crops, fodder, horticultural crops and others With precise knowledge of Seed technology, Crops Management, Disease Pesticides, Harvesting.

Crop production today requires a level of sophistication beyond what has previously been the case. It offers opportunities beyond comprehension, but to optimise a business or career in producing crops you need to have knowledge, awareness and drive to succeed not only in growing plants, but also in business management practices, science and technology.

Successful technologists and growers in this industry don’t achieve success through qualifications alone, but they have a level of knowledge and awareness about growing commercial crops that would often leave the university graduates reeling.

This course aims to set you on the path to this sort of success with growing crops.
Graduates of Diploma in Agriculture students can find wide range of employment in the Public and wide Private sectors in the Country and Abroad.

Agriculture is considered one of the evergreen industries which one can work with. Some of the job avenues for a candidate are Agricultural officer, Agricultural scientist, and Agricultural Analyst. One can take up self-employment in agriculture as well.

DURATION: 2 Years Full Time
ELIGIBILITY: 10th Std or 12th Std with 50% Marks
Graduates find plenty of rewarding crop-related jobs and have no difficulty finding work.

• Crop scientist
• Crop production planning manager
• Seed production operations manager
• Crop manager
• Crop consultant
• Independent grower / farm owner
• Landscape designers
• Commercial greenhouse managers
• Field or lab researcher
• Crop analyst
• Agricultural crop farm manager
• Crop nutrients risk consultant
• Research scientist
• Integrated pest management specialist
• Nursery and garden center managers

SALARY RANGES: 3 Lacs to 8 Lacs
No of Seats: 50

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